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CPLC’s Key Lines of Business

More than forty two years have passed since the day when a group of community and student activists of Mexican descent created Chicanos Por La Causa – CPLC – to address the problems of the barrios of South Central Phoenix, Arizona. Although its initial focus was on creating employment opportunities and combating community deterioration, CPLC became increasingly aware that these problems were much deeper rooted.  As a result, CPLC expanded its services to provide assistance to disadvantaged individuals regardless of ethnic origin.

CPLC is the only community development corporation in Arizona that offers extensive services in both urban and rural areas.  Its service delivery system is expansive enough to effectively reach thousands of low-income people.  In its perpetual drive to provide needed services, CPLC continually assesses the needs of its communities throughout Arizona.  The results of these assessments inform CPLC’s planning process for development of programs and services that will address the needs of its constituents, regardless of ethnicity, gender, age, or creed.

Through thoughtful planning, CPLC established and currently focuses on the following services within the program lines listed below:

  • Economic Development:  The economic development division provides business lending, commercial development, neighborhood revitalization, and financial empowerment.
  • Education:  Our education priority focus encompasses programs such as Head Start, charter schools, prevention, leadership workshops and academic enrichment programs.
  • Community Development (Housing):  The housing component encompasses all types of housing development, property management, client counseling, and other pertinent services.
  • Social Services:  Our social service programs include behavioral health, domestic violence shelter and prevention, emergency assistance, elder services, legal immigration counseling, HIV, individual and family counseling, women’s health, employment training and drug and alcohol rehabilitation and prevention.

Over the years, CPLC has developed a wide array of services and programs that continue to strengthen the state of Arizona.  In addition to social services, CPLC espouses affiliates and maintains subsidiaries that fortify its presence within the communities it serves.

Learn more: https://www.cplc.org/about-us/about-us.aspx