Corporate Executive Leadership

Roger Gonzales

Roger A. Gonzales, M.Ed.

President & Chief Executive Officer


Roger A. Gonzales is an experienced professional in various legislative and educational issues with over fifteen years of advocacy experience. He has represented organizations and initiatives seeking strategic planning, outreach, legislative campaigns and other advocacy strategies across various areas including economic development and revitalization, construction and capital outlay, healthcare, innovative technologies, and education.

As a student leader, he was involved in many higher education initiatives and conversations related to the Legislative “Lottery” Success Scholarship; Textbook Tax Credit for College Students; and the revamping of the Funding Formula for institutions of higher learning with concentrations in Building Renewal and Replacement (BR&R) and Information Technology (IT). He played a lead role in securing sustainability funding for over 29 after-school programs across New Mexico in 2007 and 2008. He also was one of the lead advocates in New Mexico for the 21st Century Community Learning Center (21st CCLC) Programs. He has also managed legislation enabling the successful implementation of various programs and investments in public and higher education, economic development, healthcare, water resources, clean water, and community development. He has drafted legislation, organized hearings, conducted investigations and provided overall legislative support and coordination.

He has particular expertise in the appropriations and budget processes. He is a recognized expert on the legislative process, having lectured and taught on the subject. Roger enjoys long-standing working relationships with numerous decision-makers at the local, state and federal level. He has been successful in securing funding for initiatives, capital outlay and construction projects across rural, northeastern New Mexico.

Roger served as a member of the New Mexico Highlands University Board of Regents. He also served as President of the Associated Students of New Mexico, the organization that represented the over 130,000 students of higher education after serving as the entity’s Treasurer and Northern Lobbyist. In addition, he hold the title as the longest-served President Pro Tempore of the Associated Students of New Mexico Highlands University Student Senate.

Roger received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance cum laude (2003) and a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership (2009) from New Mexico Highlands University. He was recently submitted his credentials for admissions to New Mexico State University, where he plans on pursuing a doctoral degree in Economic Development.

Roger’s professional career started in public education where he served in various leadership and administrative capacities including Chief Operations Officer for the Mora Independent School District. In the position, he had direct oversight of numerous operational departments including: Buildings and Grounds, Student Nutrition and Food Services, Information Technologies, Community Involvement, Advocacy and Outreach, Receiving, Safety and Security, and Capital Planning and Development. Additionally, he was a primary contributor to developing strategies and initiatives to incorporate into the District’s strategic plan and assisted with the development if policies and procedures, attended various policy and stakeholders’ meetings, conducted studies and investigations and made recommendations to the Superintendent and the Board. He was required to collaborate with the Superintendent and the District’s Senior Leadership Team to fulfill the District Mission that each student is highly educated, prepared for leadership and service, and empowered for success as a citizen in a global community by assuring optimum efficiency, effectiveness and optimum levels of service to support teaching and learning.

Mr. Gonzales advised the District in its daily oversight of an annual budget of approximately $8 million dollars from various funding sources, including the creation, implementation and facilitation of key policies and procedures related to internal controls, procurement, human resources, etc. Roger supervised a maximum staffing level of 23 professionals, which provided operational support for approximately 44.7 acres of facilities and grounds encompassing nearly 146, 650 square feet of instructional space and 33,411 square feet of support space. He developed and implemented short and long-term strategies to improve efficiencies in operations and the prioritization of resources during his tenure with the District as abundantly demonstrated by his solicitation and successful award of over $6.3 million in various funding streams designed to assist families and their communities develop their capacities and realize their true potential.

He served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Gonzales & Associates, LLC, a professional firm providing management solutions and consultation services to governmental and community entities including municipalities, school districts, counties, not-for-profit organizations (NPOs), and others in the evaluation of individual client needs, identification and implementation of critical procedures, and by offering leading-edge solutions that improve their organization’s efficiency and effectiveness. The firm provide support and oversight for the Mora County Entrepreneurial Network, a partnership funded primarily by Los Alamos Connect, the principal economic investment by Los Alamos National Security, LLC and Los Alamos National Laboratory, administered by the Regional Development Corporation, in September 2013. Since his tenure, he has been successful in identifying and securing nearly $2,056,787 in creative enterprises investments, entrepreneurial network capacity building initiatives, and technical support and assistance and equipment for entrepreneurial initiatives through his community and region.

Mr. Gonzales is President of the Los De Mora Local Growers’ Cooperative, Inc., a 35-member agricultural cooperative designed to serve as an economic conduit between local agricultural producers and emerging commercial markets, by developing growing capacities through appropriate capital investment, professional development and education, organic production practices, and sustainable strategies.

Prior to his appointment as President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Gonzales served as the Vice President of Business Development with Siete Del Norte CDC – CPLC Subsidiary, an organization with over 40 years to improving the economic well-being of residents through northern New Mexico while seeking to preserve the area’s unique cultural, historical and social traditions and ways of life. Since his appointment in May 2014, Mr. Gonzales, working alongside government and elected officials, has been successful in leveraging over $5M in new funding opportunities to support Siete’s regional projects and business opportunities including the New Mexico first food hub, the Northern New Mexico Food Hub.

Mr. Gonzales currently serves on numerous boards, foundations, councils and commissions within his Region and the State of New Mexico including most notably that as Chairman of the Corporate Board of Directors for HELP-New Mexico, Inc., a non-profit that operates with an annual budget of $15M and has served over 816,000 individuals and families including migrant families, self-employed farmers and ranchers, low-income families, abused and neglected children, senior citizens, people with disabilities, and disadvantaged youth during its nearly 50 years of existence. Their services have included adult education, job training, early childhood development and education, youth development and care, self-help housing construction, rural health clinics, land development, job placement, literacy training, affordable housing, nutritious meals, and family counseling. Mr. Gonzales was also appointed by the Honorable Jon Barela, Secretary of the New Mexico Economic Development Department, to serve as the Councilman for District Four on the New Mexico Rural Economic Development Council, which encompasses the Colfax, Harding, Union, Mora, San Miguel and Guadalupe counties. He represents the interests of rural agricultural producers on both the New Mexico Food and Agriculture Council and the NM ACI Agricultural Policy Committee.